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Neverending Mourning: Karbala

The seminar titled "Neverending Mourning: Muharram and Karbala in Turkish Literature" organized by Istinye University Department of Turkish Language and Literature took place on Wednesday, October 11 at Topkapı Campus with the participation of Dr.Müslüm YILMAZ. Dr. Müslüm YILMAZ, who talked about what happened in Karbala and how it was perceived throughout history, gave detailed information about the works written on Karbala incident in Classical Turkish Literature; He introduced the works of verse or prose maktel, mercer, muharremiyye genres written in the process from XIVth century to present day. At the end of the speech, "Meydan Musiki Topluluğu" gave a concert under the guidance of Research Assistant Harun KORKMAZ.