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Alev Erkilet at the Islamophobia Panel: The Impact of the Islamic World on the Formation of Islamophobia

Assoc. Dr. Alev Erkilet published an article titled "Is there a negative impact of the Islamic world in the formation of Islamophobia?" in the magazine of "Din ve Hayat" prepared by İstanbul Müftülüğü. A Panel entitled "Islamophobia or Hostility to Islam" organized for this special issue concerning Islamophobia. Erkilet was one of the panelists. The moderator of the panel was the Mufti of Istanbul, Prof. Dr. Hasan Kamil Yılmaz and other panelists were Dr. Ejder Okumus and Prof. Dr. Bayram Ali Çetinkaya. The panel was held at Üsküdar Municipality Bağlarbaşı Congress and Culture Center on June 26th at 14:30. Alev Erkilet made a speech about the emergence of the term Islamophobia and she evaluated Islamophobia as a form of stereotypical threat against Muslims. On the other hand, she drew attention to the relationship between Islamophobia and the internal affairs of the Islamic world.

You can reach the magazine and the full article on the website of the Istanbul Mufti Office: