Faculty of Art and Science


Message from the Head of Department

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi. Selen Yanmaz, Bölüm Başkanı

Asst. Prof. Dr. Selen Yanmaz
Head Of Department

Sociology is an essential field for a healthy social life. However, it is a quite challenging discipline to teach as its subject matter is the society itself being examined by the humans who live in the very same environment in the first place. Therefore, sociology education requires both to teach various research methods and to provide students with the knowledge about the researches in economy, history, anthropology, urbanization, consumption, social identity, gender, audio visual studies. It must also reveal the conflicts in the field and present a wide range of knowledge and different theories related to social psychology, body, perception, consciousness topics. Beyond these, a sociologist candidate must prepare the underground that will help them internalize critical thinking and handle social issues from different perspectives in order to maintain a proper study as his topic is the society itself in which he also lives. Since Enlightenment philosophy is the origin of modern societies, a sociology education independent of philosophy will not be complete. Moreover, considering the economic basis of the society we live in, political economy and history are also of vital importance. Measurement and observation means of scientific method and research methods such as statistics, historical research, survey and interview should be provided to the students in a proper way so that their studies can have a scientific argument.

Our Education Policy

Istinye University Sociology Department aims to raise sociologists who have the ability of interdisciplinary thinking, who can develop their own point of view without ignoring the economic and historical background of the society and without being limited to certain theories. Our understanding of education is based on discussion and active learning by using theoretical and methodological tools. An interdisciplinary program enriched with lessons from other disciplines will be presented to our students, including political economy, alternative economic theories, sociological research methods and statistical tools, courses on World history as well as Turkish history, and various social theory classes to deepen students’ point of view. The last two years in the curriculum will be devoted to specialization. Under the guidance of an advisor from the faculty, students will choose elective courses related to the specialization area they prefer. Particularly in the last year, students who want to continue in the field of theory will take deepened theoretical lessons, field research and research methods courses will be given to students who want to gain experience in fieldwork. Your success will be our priority due to our understanding of education that see their success as our own success. You will have the opportunity to use the English language skills you will obtain in the international arena. You can acquire the necessary background and interdisciplinary training at Istinye Sociology, both for an academic career and for starting a career in the private or public sector.