Faculty of Art and Science



Department of Mathematics at Istinye University was founded to create the common language and the tools for the researchers and teachers in the Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering and Social Sciences. Istinye University researchers are particularly interested in computational methods for solving problems, and therefore, our mathematics department pays close attention to algorithms, algebra, graph theory, numerical solutions of ordinary and partial differential equations.

We have created a collaborative culture among the colleges, allowing the members of the Department of Mathematics develop undergraduate courses working together with all researchers and teachers within the university.

In addition to progress in mathematics, students studying in the Department of Mathematics at Istinye University can do minor and double major in some other departments such as Computer Science, Economics and Business Administration during their undergraduate education. Thanks to the academic and cultural collaborations with many reputable universities abroad, our students have the opportunity to study abroad during their undergraduate education within the scope of exchange and erasmus programs.