Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

Prof. Dr. Çetin Kaya KOÇ
Vice Dean

Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Istinye University offers a four-year undergraduate education program in the departments of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Psychology, Sociology, English Language and Literature and Turkish Language and Literature.

Our faculty, which aims at growing a labor force qualified and competent in their fields by increasing the quality of education system, has designed its education approach around the needs of our students and shareholders. By providing applied courses and laboratory lessons besides the theoretical ones, theoretical knowledge of our students is reinforced with application. Our academic and cultural cooperatives at abroad, Bologna process and ERASMUS programs enable our students expand overseas and reach global knowledge in many ways.

We have an academic staff that embraces our mission to raise individuals who constantly question their academic and formational knowledge and update it, and who are researchers, entrepreneurs and sociable. Our courses are offered by academicians taking active role in various national and international projects especially framework programs of TUBITAK and EU. Being experts on their fields, our academicians are our richness with their efficient academic studies on national and international platforms along with their scientific researches and publications. This powerful academic staff embraces our future and makes our university a distinguished place at national and international level with the education they provide as well as their academic studies.

Our faculty provides favourable opportunities to our students and graduates within the university as we expect them to become qualified people demanded formational and sectoral. Therefore, socio-cultural activities are organized at our campus nearly every week besides the theoretical and applied courses designed in parallel with our goals. We support our students’ access to extracurricular knowledge and enrich this process with seminars and panels. Their artistic and aesthetic needs are met with some artistic activities such as exhibition, movie and concert organizations. By means of all these, we help them discover themselves.

Our faculty that comes into prominence with its high-quality physical conditions aims at raising self-sufficient individuals with its education approach in physical and social sciences. Self-sufficient individuals shall contribute to society, industry and global science. This approach will have an important role in converting our country’s young potential into a creative and visionary brain power.

Prof. Dr. Çetin Kaya KOÇ
Dean of the Faculty of Art and Sciences

Topkapı Campus

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